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Ductless Heating and A/C Services

Energy-Efficient Ductless Heating Solutions in Des Moines

Ductless heating and A/C services in Des Moines, IA, have never been more accessible or efficient thanks to Advanced Problem Solutions. As the leading provider in the region, we specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing ductless HVAC systems to ensure your home or business enjoys optimal comfort year-round. Our expert technicians are committed to delivering top-quality service and personalized solutions that meet your unique needs. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current system or need a quick repair, Advanced Problem Solutions is your go-to source for reliable and energy-efficient ductless heating and cooling solutions in Des Moines.

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Ductless Heating and A/C Installation

Trust our skilled technicians to accurately diagnose issues affecting your heat pump's performance in Des Moines, IA. Using advanced diagnostic tools, we pinpoint the root cause swiftly, ensuring precise solutions that restore your system's efficiency and comfort effectively.

Ductless HVAC System Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your ductless HVAC system. Advanced Problem Solutions offers comprehensive maintenance services, including cleaning, inspection, and tune-ups. Our proactive approach helps prevent issues, ensuring your system runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the year.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Repair

When your ductless heating or cooling system needs repair, Advanced Problem Solutions is here to help. Our skilled technicians quickly diagnose and fix issues, restoring your system's functionality. We use high-quality parts and advanced techniques to provide reliable repairs that keep your indoor environment comfortable.

Ductless System Upgrades and Replacements

If your ductless system is outdated or inefficient, consider an upgrade or replacement from Advanced Problem Solutions. We offer the latest in ductless heating and A/C technology, ensuring improved performance and energy savings. Our team will guide you through selecting the best system for your needs and budget.


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With years of industry experience, Advanced Problem Solutions brings extensive knowledge in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services to every project in Des Moines, IA. Our skilled technicians are trained to handle a wide range of issues with precision and effectiveness.


We prioritize reliability, ensuring prompt responses and efficient solutions that restore comfort to your home or business. Our team is dedicated to resolving your problems swiftly and effectively, minimizing downtime and inconvenience.


At Advanced Problem Solutions, we uphold the highest standards of quality in our workmanship and materials. From installations to repairs, each job is executed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring lasting results that exceed expectations.


Our commitment to exceptional customer service is evident in every interaction. We strive to build long-term relationships based on trust and transparency, keeping you informed and involved throughout the service process.


We understand the importance of budget-friendly solutions. Advanced Problem Solutions offers competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services. We aim to provide value for your investment, delivering cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.


As a locally owned business, we take pride in our role within the Des Moines community. Advanced Problem Solutions is dedicated to supporting our neighbors with reliable services and contributing positively to the community we serve.

Frequently Asked Question

What Are the Benefits of Ductless Heating and A/C Systems?

Ductless heating and A/C systems offer numerous benefits, including energy efficiency, easy installation, and personalized comfort. These systems allow you to control the temperature in individual rooms, reducing energy waste and lowering utility bills. They are also less invasive to install, as they don't require extensive ductwork, making them ideal for both new constructions and retrofits in Des Moines, IA. Additionally, ductless systems improve indoor air quality by reducing dust and allergens typically found in traditional ducted systems.

How Often Should I Service My Ductless Heating and A/C System?

To maintain optimal performance, it's recommended to service your ductless heating and A/C system at least twice a year. Regular maintenance includes cleaning filters, inspecting components, and ensuring the system is running efficiently. Advanced Problem Solutions in Des Moines, IA, offers comprehensive maintenance plans tailored to your system's needs. Routine servicing helps prevent breakdowns, extends the lifespan of your unit, and ensures consistent comfort throughout the year. Trust our expert technicians to keep your system in top condition.

Can a Ductless System Heat and Cool My Entire Home?

Yes, a ductless system can efficiently heat and cool your entire home. These systems use multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit, allowing you to create customized climate zones. Advanced Problem Solutions in Des Moines, IA, specializes in designing and installing ductless systems tailored to your home's layout and your specific comfort needs. Whether you need heating in the winter or cooling in the summer, ductless systems provide reliable and energy-efficient solutions for whole-home comfort.

How Long Does a Ductless Heating and A/C Installation Take?

The installation time for a ductless heating and A/C system typically ranges from one to two days, depending on the number of indoor units and the complexity of the setup. Advanced Problem Solutions in Des Moines, IA, ensures a smooth and efficient installation process. Our experienced technicians handle everything from site assessment to final testing, minimizing disruption to your daily routine. We prioritize quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, ensuring your new system is installed correctly and ready to provide optimal comfort.

Are Ductless Systems Noisy?

Ductless heating and A/C systems are known for their quiet operation. The indoor units are designed to operate at low noise levels, making them ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas where silence is appreciated. Advanced Problem Solutions in Des Moines, IA, installs high-quality ductless systems that prioritize comfort and tranquility. The outdoor units are also engineered to be quiet, ensuring that your indoor and outdoor environments remain peaceful. Experience the perfect balance of efficient climate control and noise-free operation with our expert ductless system installations.


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